Stephanie and Jerald are Wed | Savannah Westin Wedding Photographer

Stephanie and Jerald’s wedding was equal parts beautiful and fun.

The perfect Spring weather and lush waterfront could not have been a more perfect compliment to Stephanie, who looked absolutely ravishing in her elegant plunge-neck gown.

She and Jerald exchanged vows under a rose-covered arbor… which may or may not have left me sniffling behind my camera 🙂

But once they had tied the knot was when the real fun began!

It started with a Derby Day Game (did you notice all of the bow ties? Even on the guests!), the winner of which was given a bottle of bourbon!

Then, the cutest little dude with some serious MJ dance moves entertained the guests (and let’s be honest, I was pretty entertained too!) anytime he had an audience.

Soon everyone was on the dance floor, and having the absolute time of their lives!

Later, Jerald serenaded Stephanie with a song, and she danced along.

At some point around this time, I was dance-walking around the perimeter of the dance floor trying to position myself for a photo when Stephanie turned to me and said, “These are our people. Each one of them is special to us.”

Suddenly it made sense why this was quite possibly the most fun I’d ever had photographing a reception.

This was a couple truly made for each other, and their friends and family knew it… and their joy was just pouring out on the dance floor in absolute celebration.

As it should be.

Happy Marriage, Stephanie and Jerald!