Small [Domestic] Pleasures | Aharon Hill Photography

Since giving birth nearly 6 weeks ago, I have been in domestic boot camp.  In addition to the feedings and caring for our little peanut, there are endless dishes to wash (bottles, bottle accessories, breast pump pieces), and messes to clean up.  And just about anyone could tell you that I am not a domestic diva by nature… so I’ve really had to put on my game face!  How do I get by, you may ask.  Well, the answer is three fold:

1) An amazing husband who pitches in, and has lately been chef extraordinaire (see one of his gourmet creations below – grilled bison burger with roasted poblano pepper, grilled red onion and cheddar).

2) Fancy dish soap.  Anything from Mrs. Myers to Method will do, so long as said dish soap comes in a pretty bottle and smells good.

3) A precious little baby that makes all of the effort worthwhile 🙂