Sierra Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

The Sierra Family was such a dream to shoot!

When Mary Beth contacted me about 4 month photos of her daughter (as well as the full family treatment), I was packing to leave for an extended trip.

We chatted and booked on a Thursday, shot on a Friday (barely missing the rain!), and then I left town for 2 weeks on a Saturday!

When it looked like it might rain, they opted to go forward… so we met with our fingers crossed!

The rain held off, the kids were absolute dreams, and Mary Beth and Mike were patient and laid back.

What more could I ask for? The stars aligned beautifully.

Thank you, Sierra Family, for letting me capture this moment in your family’s story!

Blakey Turns 3 Months | Atlanta Baby Photographer

I absolutely loved meeting beautiful Blakely and her family… and am over the moon that I got to photograph her at 3 months!

At three months, babies are the perfect age to interact with parents and respond to their environments… but they also still get sleepy fast, so you get some precious dozing shots as well.

Blakely was the perfect subject, and is clearly so loved by her doting parents.

And that toothless grin is more than worth its weight in gold <3

Thank you Cline Famliy, for allowing me to capture precious Blakely at this special milestone age!


Stella Rose turns 1 | Atlanta Birthday Photographer

This is my third of three birthday parties for the Bolen girls this summer… and for anyone who might have thought that mom (Diane) might be burned out will be amazed to see this gorgeously styled carnival celebration.

And it didn’t just look and taste like a carnival… it WAS a carnival!

And can we just talk about the puppeteer? He was so groomed at his craft that I can only imagine that he studied with masters.

(And let’s be honest, he had me at “unicorn marionettes”!)

Bravo, to another memorable and beautiful party by Master Diane!

Stella Rose is one supremely lucky 1-yr old!



Anna Grace turns 6 | Atlanta Birthday Photographer

Once again, Mom (Diane) made here little girl’s birthday dreams come true.

This time, flawlessly decorated and complete with a singing Moana who taught the girls hula and hula hoop moves, played limbo and read stories!

I mean, Diane… please plan my birthday party!

This party was so amazing that it actually inspired me to go home and watch the movie. (Best. Disney. Movie. Ever.)

Thanks, Diane, for entrusting me to capture another gorgeous party!