Lee Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

The Lee family was so much fun!

Penelope had no trouble bringing out her smiles and contagious laughter, and it was fun watching mom and dad light up each time she giggled.

It was chilly + windy, but Penelope walked, jumped, hugged, kissed and snuggled to keep warm!

Thanks to all of the fun of trying to keep warm, we have some gorgeously dynamic shots… this family is just stunning!

Thanks, Lee Family, for choosing me to photograph you this Fall!

Thompson Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

I will never forget several years ago standing in front of our former home… and randomly, my friend Meredith from college walked by!

The whole time I had been living in that neighborhood, I never knew that my Athens buddy (and sorority sister) lived right down the street from me.

Fast forward several years our school networks finally collided… and now I get to take her gorgeous family’s photos!

We started this session with some of the most gorgeous light I have ever seen… it was spectacular!

And thank goodness we got such amazing light… because once we were just about as far away from our cars and we could get and we were wrapping it up, the sky opened up and dumped what felt like water buckets on us!

We grabbed our bags and laughed for the entire  7 minute walk (/swim) to our cars!

Thanks, Thompson Family, for such an amazing (and memorable!) shoot and for entrusting me with your family’s photos this Fall!

Wright Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

The Wright Family was one of my first clients when I opened my business 10 years ago!

These gorgeous kiddos were just toddlers… not even school age yet.

Now they are starting to look and act super grown up!

I am so thankful that I get to continue documenting this family through all of its beautiful stages.

Thank you so much, Wright Family, for choosing to use me to capture your beautiful family again!

Percy Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

I met the Percys for a sunrise shoot on a morning that just so happened to be coated with a thin fog.

I always do a happy dance when Mother Nature provides special effects… and fog is one of my favorites.

The kiddos were precious, letting me chase them around with my camera.

Thanks to operation-silly-photographer (and parents!!), we got smiles all the way around.

What a super fun shoot with this gorgeous family!

Mongioi Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

Oh my goodness… cuteness for days was squeezed into just one hour.

These twins came ready for their close-ups!

They did almost everything we asked of them… and those times when they decided to go in their own direction, it was always cuter and more photogenic than anything I could cook up 😉

And in case you were wondering where they get their good looks, check out their gorgeous parents!

Thanks, Mongioi Family, for choosing me to document your family!