Hatch Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

I have had the honor of photographing this family recently, when they welcomed baby Emmett!

And since they are doing my first year package, I’ll get to see them again soon!

Now the older boys are used to having a new little bro around it was so fun to see them interact with him.

I love these photos, because, not only did we get some pretty card-worthy family shots… we also got some images that show the fun, silly and crazy that comes along with being a family with 3 young boys 🙂

Hatch Family, thank you so much for using me to document your family (and Emmett’s growth) this Fall!

Weinstein Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

Wow, the past few years have passed quickly with the Weinsteins!

First I had the honor of photographing their engagement, then wedding, then pregnancy, then newborn… and now I get to do photos of their family <3

Little Sammy is just precious… just check out those cheeks, lips and hair!!

I just adore this gorgeous family, and am so glad I’ve had the honor of photographing their journey in all its stages!

Best Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

This session was so much fun!

I really love photographing kids at every age… but when I have kiddos who are old enough to listen, yet are totally uninhibited and willing to do anything for the camera, well let’s just say that it is a really good thing!

For instance, I love how when Quinn’s mom suggested that he get in the box, he hopped right in!

And how Bailey had no problem with spinning about 15 times in order to get the perfect spinny shot!

And how about mom and dad?

Not only do they have a lot going in the looks department, they love to have fun… and I am glad that I could capture that fun between them and their gorgeous kiddos (and fur babies!)!

Thanks so much, Best Family, for allowing me to capture your awesome family this Fall!

Enslein Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

Becca and I met at a Christmas party 8 year ago.

I was 5 months pregnant, and she had just gotten married, graduated from law school and was busily marketing her new-to-Atlanta photography business.

(Note for anyone who does not know me: I too attended law school, practiced for a while and then canned it to be a photographer! So we had a lot in common!)

We realized that we lived less than 1 mile apart and in the same neighborhood and became fast friends.

The following Fall we began the yearly tradition of photographing each other’s families.

The first few years, I photographed her family of 2, while she photographed my family of 3.

Then her family grew to a family of 3 (now 4), and mine grew to a family of 4.

We have photographed each other’s growing families, as our friendship has also grown.

It’s a special thing, y’all.

And can we just talk about Caroline and Benjamin for one quick sec?

I have always known Caroline as an only child, but she is thriving as a big sister– she holds Benjamin like a babydoll, tosses him around and loves him so much!

Benjamin LOVES the attention from his doting big sis, and is totally on board (if he gets a bump or two in the process)!

Love you and your family, Becca!

Ghanta Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

This sweet family has been a pleasure to work with throughout the years!

I started by photographing the Sireesha’s family, then Swathi’s family… and this year I finally met the balance of this amazing family to do photos celebrating their father’s 70th birthday.

Their colorful attire and gorgeous smiles were picture perfect, and their deep love for each other was evident.

Thank you so much for choosing me to document your amazing family!