Baby Sarah Kate | Marietta Newborn Photographer

What a pleasure it was to photograph this beautiful family just a few days after they brought home their second bundle of joy!

Baby Sarah Kate was just as adorable as she could be, and her doting big sister could not wait to pose with, and pick out accessories for, her mini-sidekick <3

These two will be sharing makeup and wardrobes before too long… which makes it so special to capture this relationship in its incipience.

And it is clear where these lovely ladies get their beauty– just look at their gorgeous parents!

Thanks for letting me capture all of this beauty, Ferguson Family!

Baby Quinn | Morningside Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Baby Quinn is one very handsome and loved little baby.

As the third baby, and first boy, for this family, he is going to be one very doted-on little man– just look at all the love he gets from his big sisters!

There is just nothing more special than sibling love, and there is an abundance of it in this household.

Mom and Dad are excited about the adventures ahead, after adding a boy to their bunch;)

Thanks to Baby Quinn’s family for choosing me to document another beautiful little addition!

Baby Ellie turns 3 months | Buckhead Infant Baby Photographer

Oh my goodness.

Photographing babies like this (and their siblings) is the very reason that I will always love my job.

While Ellie’s mama wanted some solo shots of Ellie, she also wanted lots of family combinations… so we did most of the solo shots in the beginning, and kept Ellie happy with lots of bottles and frequent diaper changes (we even let her catch a quick cat nap while I photographed her brother mid-shoot).

Her very active big brother, Russell, had more sophisticated tastes, like fire trucks and M&Ms… so initially we tried to play into his interests entice him to sit still and love on his sister with candy and promises of fire truck play.

However, the most amazing moment of the shoot was at the end, when we were just about to wrap. M&Ms were put away, and Russell was sitting with his sister on the bed. Without any coaxing whatsoever, he drove his fire truck gently over her head, and snuggled in close to her, whispering, “Hi baby Ellie, I love you baby Ellie,” over and over again in the sweetest little 3-year-old voice you have ever heard.

No amount of bribery could have produced this sweet and sincere moment, and it just reminds me of what little lovers children are at this age. Their hearts are so full of love for their siblings, and they are happy to show it… just in their own time <3

Thanks, Chambers Family, for such a meaningful and beautiful shoot.

Our Town Monthly | Marietta, GA | Aharon Hill Photography

Finally I am able to share photos from a very special shoot I had the honor of doing for Our Town Monthly!

One of my favorite clients recommended me for this job, and one of the best perks of the whole experience is that I got to work with she and her beautiful little girls to bring this shoot to life.

The magazine specifically requested that I shoot vertical (which, if you follow my blog at all, you will note that I only shoot vertical/portrait orientation about 5% of the time… so this was a bit of a diversion for me!), and that I leave some space at the top for text. This was quite a bit different from the way I usually compose, and it presented a welcome creative challenge.

The first image is the one used for the magazine, and the rest were images that were among my other favorites.

When I finally get my hands on a copy, I’ll post the final result!

Thanks again, Harris Family and Our Town for this amazing opportunity!


Downtown Decatur Engagement Photographer | Stephanie & Jerald

After getting engaged at Christmastime last year, Stephanie and Jerald thought that it would be a sweet memory to have their engagement photos taken at the same time of year.

So we scheduled their session for the Saturday after New Years (aka, possibly the last day that the lights and Christmas decor would be up), so we were cutting it a little close!

And then, of course, there was a 100% chance of rain for Saturday– yuck!

Even though there was supposed to be a break in the rain around the time of their session, the sky was grey, and there was steady drizzle.

As usual, when this situation arises, I offered to reschedule; but the downside was that for every day we delayed, the chances increased that the pretty Christmas lights would be taken down.

I expected for them consider shooting in the rain for about 3 seconds, then politely decline… but they surprised me with the decision to go forward!

They showed up with smiles on their faces ready to shoot!

Photographing Stephanie and Jerald, even in the rain, was an absolute pleasure, and makes me SUPER excited to photograph their big day in a few short months!

These two are living proof that rain is romantic <3