Hall Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

I met the handsome Hall Boys exactly one year ago, when the twins were born.

And now, even one year after graduating from the close quarters of mama’s belly, the twins are still totally into each other’s company!

They bob and play, but happily sit rump to rump, while discovering (and often eating) their surroundings.

And big brother loves these little dudes like crazy… he even told me so;)

What more could any mama ask for?

These three little blessings are as happy, energetic and dynamic as their photos would suggest… and were an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Thanks for a fun morning, Hall Family!

Amber - October 27, 2014 - 6:14 PM

These turned out great! Just adorable!

Henry Turns One | Lenox Park Family Photographer

I love photographing boys.

I have a few at my house, and know all about the energy, excitement, curiosity and fun they bring to a shoot.

James and Henry embodied all of these traits… so obviously, we had a blast!

And what’s more, I have had the distinct honor of photographing them both since they were babies.

It seems like yesterday I was heading to Henry’s newborn shoot, and now he is one already– where is the time going?

I love getting to see how Henry and his big brother are growing into their little personalities more and more each time I photograph them.

And even more than that, I love seeing how these boys are becoming buddies… holding hands, hugging.

I die:)

Thanks for another amazing shoot, Tarbutton Family!

Ellie Turns Two | Atlanta Child Photographer

I have been so lucky to document Miss. Ellie 4 times over the course of the last 2 years!

Each time I see her, I am just amazed by how much she has grown.

This time she was talking like a champ, and even pointing out numbers on her toy cell phone.

But between moments of showing off her intellect, she made some pretty amazing pictures.

That infectious smile, and her hilarious expressions, kept me smiling and laughing myself.

Kelley & Jamie… I really might just have to take her home next time.

Jackelyn & Brett | The Solarium | Decatur Wedding Photographer

I met Jackelyn when she was just beginning to entertain the idea of starting her photography business.

She has shot many weddings by my side… she is well acquainted with my process, intensity and product (she has also become an expert at locating my keys, which I never seemed to place in the same pocket of my camera case!).

Even with that being the case, it was certainly not a given that she would entrust her special day to me as her photographer.

So when she reached out to me last March to ask if I would photograph her wedding, my heart skipped a beat.

I remember when she Jackelyn first met Brett, and how she had a special twinkle in her eye when she mentioned his name <3

That twinkle is there to stay.

Happy Marriage, Jackelyn & Brett!