Caleb turns 1 | Lenox Park Photographer

This summer, we’ve had lots of surprise weather.

Weekends that were supposed to be sunny, that were sprinkled with thunderstorms, and there were also lots of sunny weekends that were supposed to be plagued a 100% chance of rain.

Well, Caleb’s session fell on one of those “rainy” days that turned out to be sunny!

We gave up hope on Saturday, which promised rain and turned out to be beautiful, but luckily, Sunday followed suit and even provided a nice cloud cover for our session.

And you really can’t ask for anything more than a cloudy, mild day in August… especially when the alternative is super high temperatures and the blazing sun.

And… especially when you have a precious fellow like this to capture on camera!

I was thrilled to pull out some of my silliest tricks to get a few smiles from this guy… and what a reward those smiles were!

It was great to meet you and capture some special birthday memories for you, Landers family!

Macie’s Senior Portraits | Atlanta Botanical Gardens Photographer

I seriously don’t know how this has happened.

My baby cousin.

Once when I came home from college, I took her to the movies and remember her mom installing her car seat in my car.

So how in the world is she possibly heading to college next year?

Well, it is happening… and if it must, I sure am glad that I get to be the lucky photographer to capture her senior photos;)

Love you sweet Macie!

Sherry - August 19, 2014 - 1:19 AM

This is beautiful photography and Macie is so pretty! I loved every one of the shots!

Julie Noles - August 19, 2014 - 1:51 AM

These are absolutely gorgeous!!! You are amazing!!!

Baby F | Atlanta Baby Photographer

Baby F is as special as he is adorable:)

His mom, dad and I all went to law school together… and there is a possibility that I may have been the one who introduced them!

Now they are married, and have brought this precious little life into the world!

And what’s more, they live in DC and planned to come into town a day early for a visit, so that I could do Baby F’s first pictures (swoon!) before I hit the road for my own family’s beach trip!

It was an absolute honor.

And Baby Finn was just about the sweetest thing ever. He was very polite, and barely cried at all until the very end of the shoot (after I had completely worn him out).

He made me work soooo hard for his smiles, but luckily he gave me a few.

But really. There is no need to over-smile when you have Baby F’s irresistible smolder:)

Love you, H Family!

Chris & Julie | Decatur Engagement Photographer

Photographing Julie and Chris was a blast!

We met in Downtown Decatur, so that we could capture some of their local digs, and favorite street art.

But they also wanted to incorporate some shots with a natural background well… and luckily, Agnes Scott was just a short walk away and provided the perfect urban greenscape!

It was definitely hot and humid, but these two kept smiling and [remarkably] stayed looking absolutely fabulous up until the last shot!

Thanks for a fun evening, you two, and I can’t wait for your wedding in Spring 2015!

Anna Grace’s Mermaid Birthday Party | Atlanta Birthday Party Photographer

There are birthday parties.

And then there are Anna Grace’s birthday parties:)

I was thrilled to document her first birthday party (Mary Poppins themed– btw, the moment I walked in the door of that party, it was clear that Anna Grace’s super creative mom, Diane, was setting the bar high, and that there would be more girly birthday awesomeness to come as Anna Grace got older!) several years ago.

And as much as I really loved that first birthday party, I can’t help but be partial to the sea-themed, mermaid party that Diane created in her own home. Literally the entire downstairs (and the stairs!) was devoted to the theme, and there just was not enough space to show all of the details in one blog post… but hopefully you’ll get an idea from the glimpses I post below.

BTW, in case you are not already impressed enough, Diane had a baby approx one 6 weeks before pulling this entire birthday party off (and yes, that adorable baby in the purple gingham is the lil sis– soooo cute, right? Emma Kate will no doubt also have amazing parties like her big sis!).

Great job, Diane, on making Anna Grace’s party a little girl’s dream… once again!