Rebecca & Matthew | Brumby Gardens Photographer

Photographers need photos too! That is why every year, in our busiest of seasons, one of my best photographer friends, Becca (of The Studio B Photography), makes time to photograph my family, and I make time to photograph hers.

Plus, now that Becca is not my neighbor anymore (sniff, sniff), it gives us a chance to catch up and act silly as we instruct each other on how to model for the camera (an altogether hilarious experience).

Of course, Becca and Matthew’s photo session would not have been complete without a few shots with their fur baby, Maccabee! He pranced around the Gardens like he owned the place, and was perfectly happy to strike a pose for the price of a treat 🙂 Isn’t he handsome?

Love you Becca & Matthew (and Maccabee!!)!



[… and since I know that my awesome photog friends have a quirky sense of humor, I know they won’t mind me sharing this crazy wind-blown picture, compliments of the “Frankenstorm.” Sort of a blooper, but still maybe my favorite shot because it is sooooooo them!]