New Photography Teacher!| Atlanta Photography Teacher

Surprise!– in a few short weeks I will begin teaching my very first photography course (or should I say courseS– 2 to be exact!)!

But wait. Let me back up and tell you what all has been going on personally and professionally over this awesomely crazy summer!

My online presence has been a little spotty as I’ve been balancing shooting and editing with moving into a new house with more space for family… and work!

Along with the new living space comes studio space where I will soon shoot all of my newborn sessions (rather than lugging my studio in my car!)… and will eventually begin doing clean and modern studio work as well!

(Neither of these changes will replace my outdoor, natural light sessions that are my signature work–I’ll just be adding a few more options to my menu of services!~)

But the greatest professional change that I have made is that –drumroll please– in addition to offering child, family and newborn sessions, I will also be educating young photographers by offering two High School Photography 101 classes at Metro Academic Studies starting next month!

First of all, can I just tell you how excited I am to play a small roll in fostering creativity in children? With my own small children, it has been a joy to do art projects and start introducing them to photography (first a toy camera, then polaroid… and now, even my pro camera with heavy supervision). The fulfillment I’ve experienced in educating elementary age students translates into massive excitement to also experience teaching older students who are ready to become completely immersed in the complexity and creativity of digital photography!

Metro Academic Studies, where I’ll be teaching, is an “a la carte” high school that partners with home educating families, and offers courses that expand on students’ home studies.

MAS classes are actually structured much like college classes, in that students and their families can pick and choose what courses students take in a class setting. It is open to all faiths, but is housed at Church of the Apostles (the gorgeous church whose facade can been seen from 1-75 near the Northside Parkway Exit), and all MAS instructors teach with a Christian worldview.

My classes will cover the basics of manual exposure and composition… but will also encourage students to get in touch with their creativity and start exploring their own personal style through projects, assignments and competitions.

If you know of any high school students who home study and might want to click their photography up a notch… by all means, pass my info along.

It is going to be a great year 🙂

My official (self portrait) headshot: