Nathan + Drew | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

What I love about my job, is that literally every single time I work with a client, I am am guaranteed to experience something unique, and Drew and Nate’s wedding was no exception.

This gorgeous couple wanted to surprise their families and a few friends with a very simple wedding ceremony at Winn Park.

The concept sounded like fun to me, and so when Drew contacted me last month, I was totally on board!

I could tell from our first meeting that this couple was going to be a hoot to work with!

Drew has a very quick and dry wit, which Nate shares, and both are intense crossfitters (see Drew’s muscle shot– her idea!!).

They wanted romantic photos… which I definitely captured; but we also got in a few shots that show their shared wacky humor!

(Speaking of humor, check out their “TRex Trying” cupcake toppers–hilarious!)

So the day started we met up in Winn Park for some pre-ceremony portraits (in the rain, of course),then we scampered off to Starbucks while guests arrived.

There, in classic extroverted-Drew-fashion, she befriended some fellow Starbucks patrons, with whom she posed for pictures and exchanged phone-dog photos.

Then we returned to Winn Park to the ceremony – the highlight of the day – where she and Nate exchanged very emotional and sweet, self-written vows in front of one of the ponds.

Both cried… even I got a little misty.

By the way, did I mention that a news crew showed up and that Nate and Drew were on the evening news. No joke.

But I digress.

From there we headed to 246 in Decatur, by way of Drew’s house where we stopped for some photos with her dogs and a cupcake reception.

We packed a lot into a short wedding day, and it was a ton of fun.

Thanks so much for choosing to work with me, you guys!

Jim Bratton - July 10, 2013 - 8:59 PM

Great Pictures!!! Greaat event!!! Congratulations to the happy couple. Drew is a rare find and her new husband is a lucky man.