Mini Sessions | Atlanta Child Photographer

I love portrait sessions so much.  A portrait session is a rare opportunity to interact with people that you don’t know very well, and get to know them quickly. You learn volumes about their personalities, interests, insecurities and what makes them laugh, as you snap away over the course of an hour and a half (the duration of my standard session.

Maybe it is because I love the full session so much that I have not offered minis before. Mini sessions allow clients to get a few shots to document a milestone, or update a family wall, without the full expense of my normal 1.5 hour session. And it allows me to shoot multiple sessions in the same day. Plus, in this case, it allowed me to photograph several of my Dalton clients I’ve not been able to shoot in a while, since I don’t make it up that way nearly as much, post baby.

Verdict? The photos turned out gorgeous, and I got to spend time with some fabulous families and kiddos. But honestly, I wish I had double the time with each client. But that is just because I loved them all so much, and could have kept shooting each of them indefinitely 🙂

Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite images from Saturday.