Jackelyn | Aharon Hill Photography

Once upon a time, I shot weddings completely alone… but it didn’t take me long to wise up.  The more I shot and learned, the more equipment I seemed to need when I shot in varying light, on-location (aka, when I shot weddings).  And the more equipment I needed, the more help I needed!  So the day finally came last year, when I began to entertain the idea of hiring a second shooter.

My husband shoots with me sometimes, and does gorgeous work… but when he can’t make it work with his own demanding schedule, I need someone to assist. Enter Jackelyn.

Who is Jackelyn?  Well… she is beautiful (as you can see), loves dogs, and is in love with photography. I’d say we’re a pretty good fit! And that is why she will be by my side at many of our 2011 weddings!

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