Hanne Family | Suwanee Familiy Photographer

Well, it has been an amazing season for Christmas card sessions… but all good things must come to an end.

But even the bittersweet end to my busiest season makes me smile.

Why? Because it ended with this little dude.

Since I have two boys of my own, I suppose I have a soft spot for them.

But this is truly not about my soft spot… Wyatt really did charm me.

I stole him away from the party of 5 for a few minutes, just to filter out some of the distractions. I asked him to sit down. However, instead of staying a distance away (which is necessary since I shoot with a very long lens), he got up and walked over to where I was.

I was confused.

But then I realized that he wanted to sit with me 🙂 I was sitting down, so he planted himself right beside me. Then he put his hand on my leg, as if to say, ” I like you Ms. Aharon.” *heart. melted.*

Wow. Just wow.

I almost didn’t give him back.

But as you can see, he is well loved and would have been missed <3

Merry Christmas, Hanne Family!