Enslein Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

Becca and I met at a Christmas party 8 year ago.

I was 5 months pregnant, and she had just gotten married, graduated from law school and was busily marketing her new-to-Atlanta photography business.

(Note for anyone who does not know me: I too attended law school, practiced for a while and then canned it to be a photographer! So we had a lot in common!)

We realized that we lived less than 1 mile apart and in the same neighborhood and became fast friends.

The following¬†Fall we began the yearly tradition of photographing each other’s families.

The first few years, I photographed her family of 2, while she photographed my family of 3.

Then her family grew to a family of 3 (now 4), and mine grew to a family of 4.

We have photographed each other’s growing families, as our friendship has also grown.

It’s a special thing, y’all.

And can we just talk about Caroline and Benjamin for one quick sec?

I have always known Caroline as an only child, but she is thriving as a big sister– she holds Benjamin like a babydoll, tosses him around and loves him so much!

Benjamin LOVES the attention from his doting big sis, and is totally on board (if he gets a bump or two in the process)!

Love you and your family, Becca!