Downtown Decatur Engagement Photographer | Stephanie & Jerald

After getting engaged at Christmastime last year, Stephanie and Jerald thought that it would be a sweet memory to have their engagement photos taken at the same time of year.

So we scheduled their session for the Saturday after New Years (aka, possibly the last day that the lights and Christmas decor would be up), so we were cutting it a little close!

And then, of course, there was a 100% chance of rain for Saturday– yuck!

Even though there was supposed to be a break in the rain around the time of their session, the sky was grey, and there was steady drizzle.

As usual, when this situation arises, I offered to reschedule; but the downside was that for every day we delayed, the chances increased that the pretty Christmas lights would be taken down.

I expected for them consider shooting in the rain for about 3 seconds, then politely decline… but they surprised me with the decision to go forward!

They showed up with smiles on their faces ready to shoot!

Photographing Stephanie and Jerald, even in the rain, was an absolute pleasure, and makes me SUPER excited to photograph their big day in a few short months!

These two are living proof that rain is romantic <3