Danielle & Scott: Engaged | Westside Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Most of the time, I am fairly prepared for what to expect when I meet clients for their portrait sessions… but every once in a while, there will be some happy surprises that leave me utterly thrilled and speechless!

And that is exactly what happened just a little over a week ago when I met up with Danielle and Scott for their engagement session.

For instance, I did not know that Danielle was planning a shout out to her employer, Coke (yes, the one and only!), by sharing a can with her fiancé for a few shots. How fun is that?

And while I knew that they were bringing their dog, Zoey, for a few shots, I had no idea that Zoey was going to be the most cuddly and fluffy labradoodle I had ever seen. Side note: Zoey is just as sweet and charming as she appears in the photos below– even when she showed us that she was not much for walking shots!

And finally, perhaps the most mind-blowing surprise from this session was that I had no idea that Scott was a professional cellist, who plays in an orchestra… nor did know that he was planning to bring his amazing instrument to our session for a few pictures (I mean, a dream come true folks– I got a free concert, and he is soooo good!)!

Any photographer will tell you that this sort of excitement (on top of having an already gorgeous couple to photograph) will really get your creative energy flowing, and I just felt like I could have photographed Scott and Danielle all day.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our session!