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Vintage Cameras | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I mentioned to Richard (=hubby) that I might [one day] like to start collecting vintage cameras to display in my office. What Richard heard was, “Great news, honey: I finally thought of something to incorporate in the decor of our house that you will be totally on board with!” Which explains why on Christmas morning, […]

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White Christmas | Dalton GA Photographer

Because we both grew up in Dalton, N.GA was on the Christmas agenda for Richard (husband), my son and I this year. And you may have heard that we had a very white Christmas there (6 inches-white!). Not only did it snow on Christmas day, it also snowed significantly on the day after.  So Richard,  […]

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Rosette Wreath How-to | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Ask and you shall receive! A Facebook friend of ours asked for instructions on how to make the wreath we featured several weeks ago… so when my friend Shelby asked me to show her how to make one of her own, I decided to document and make a blog post of it. Here is a […]

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