Becca’s Baby Shower | Atlanta Baby Shower Photographer

Remember my photographer friend Becca?

Well, of course, I could not resist putting on my party planning hat and throwing a fun shower for her last weekend!

I teamed up with Brittany Van Rensberg, a wedding and party planner, and together we put together a fun little feminine shin dig 🙂

My initial thought was, since Becca is a Lily Pulitzer fanatic, that we should go somewhat in a Lily direction.

But the further we got into the planning process, we realized that it would be more fun just to borrow some Lily colors and leave the rest to our creativity.

Though I promised that I would be a good hostess and not snap photos the whole time, I knew that, as a fellow photographer, Becca would appreciate some photos of her shower… so I couldn’t resist stealing away for a few minutes to snag a few.

Happy Baby, Becca!