Anna Grace at 2.5 | Atlanta Maternity and Child Photographer

I love photographing children at this age.

I know that the term, “terrible twos,” came about for a reason… and I know about them first hand from my little guy.

So no, you can’t reason with children at this age, and you can’t generally get them to do exactly what you want. But luckily, as a photographer, I don’t have to do much of that grown-up stuff 🙂

From my perspective, there is nothing better than an uninhibited, free-spirited child, running, pretending to be a ballerina, experiencing every emotion under the sun, and running at top speed.

And Anna Grace is the embodiment of all of those things that I love about 2-year olds.

From pretending to be Angelina Ballerina, to frolicking through the gardens, to becoming very attached to a rocking chair (this may have been the comedic high point of the session!), there was not a dull or rehearsed moment. It was a photographer’s dream!

So glad I got to live the dream with you little lady! Oh… and congrats on becoming a big sister soon!

Sherry - February 24, 2014 - 12:58 AM

You are so right! These photographs certainly captured Anna Grace in so many precious ways. The entire family is just beautiful!