Alli & Zach: Engaged | Westside Provisions Engagement Photographer

Alli and Zach are getting married next month!

They are so adorable, and they are as sweet as they are pretty 😉

No kidding– they are the kind of people who make you feel so at ease that you lose track of time… which is exactly what happened as I was shooting their engagement session!

I pulled out my phone to check on the time, and was shocked that almost 1.5 hours had passed!

But during that time, we hit all of the Westside Provisions highlights– JCT, the bridge, the retail areas, the urban herb garden, etc.

I just love the diversity of backdrops the Westside offers!

Especially after having such a laid-back and completely gorgeous engagement session with them, I am getting even more excited about their wedding.

Thanks for such a fun afternoon, and I look forward to shooting your wedding soon!