Aharon Hill Photography | Spring Mini Sessions

I am tickled to announce that I will, once again, be holding Mini Sessions in Dalton, GA on June 9!

This is my third time hitting the Dalton circuit with Minis, and it is always SUCH a fun time photographing and catching up with friends and clients I have not seen in a while.

Trust me, it will be a fun time for you too, when you watch me perform my silliest tricks to get your kids (and you… let’s be honest!) loosened up 🙂

In the past, I’ve gotten a range of questions about the minis, which I’ve attempted to compile and answer below (yes, I do know that this list is very type-a of me– lawyer habits die hard!).

Mini Session FAQ

Q: Will you ever offer Mini Sessions in Atlanta?
A: I do not currently offer Atlanta Mini Sessions. When I first started my business, many of my very first clients were from Dalton (my hometown). However, now, that most of my client base is in Atlanta, I am not able to travel to Dalton nearly as much to service Dalton portrait clients. I use Dalton Mini Sessions as a way to offer portraits to clients I might not otherwise get to work with, due to proximity.
Q: I live in Atlanta, but would like to drive to Dalton for a Mini Session. Do you allow that?
A: I actually have a client who does that every time I offer Minis! I have no problem with that, and am actually very flattered that anyone would be willing to travel to participate!
Q: What types of portraits are allowed in the “Mini” format?
A: Children, family, maternity, engagement, pets, head shots, etc. There may be some I’m leaving out. The few portrait types that are not allowed are bridal, boudoir (ha, obviously!) and wedding.
Q: Are you able to get good material in such a short amount of time?
A: In short, yes. I have been repeatedly amazed by the range of emotion and pretty vignettes that come from my 30 minute sessions. You can see examples here.
Q: Do you take only 15 pictures, or do you take more and edit down?
A: Definitely take more and edit down. It takes a few shots to get a client warmed up and relaxed into the vignette, before I am able to capture the “magic” image.  I only deliver the best of the best.
Q: What is an “image gallery?”
A: An “image gallery” is a virtual gallery of your images, where you can view proofs online. You may share your image gallery with friends and family, and you may purchase prints through the gallery.
Q: Can I have my digital files?
A: Absolutely– I find that most of my clients like to have their digital files! A print credit is included in the sitting fee, which you may forgo, and apply as a discount toward a digital package.